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Bayanihan LIFE Project

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“Channeling positivity amidst pandemic through Bayanihan’’


As the excruciating havoc of the times in which we are living has continuously stretched its tentacles in all corners of the world, no ifs and buts, our foundations have become groggy. When the pendulum of the pandemic begins its rhythm, it does not matter how solid our foundation is. Every single day seems a doomsday! As we all know, life is full of ups and downs. We all experience difficult times in our lives. In this world full of negativity, how can we maintain the equilibrium of our own entity so that we can still prolong our presence in this physical platform of our existence as not all human beings are born equal and privileged? In crushing times like we are experiencing right now; it is indeed absurd to think of others. Our survival instincts definitely rule over so that we can layout a plot for our own survival and of course to make sure that we attain our most basic needs.


Fortunately, there are still people who believe that helping others can make the world a better place to live in. These selfless people believe that a simple act of kindness can make a huge impact to others. Some also create opportunities where everyone can be very involved - and that is the Bayanihan, a spirit of civic unity and cooperation among Filipinos! In the Philippines, the Bayanihan spirit is one of communal unity, helping others without expecting rewards, to raise funds to help victims of natural disasters and to achieve a certain goal. It promotes joint effort and empowerment of every individual through teamwork, innovation and action. As they say, the pandemic can’t stop the Bayanihan in the Philippines.


We would like to express our profound gratitude to all people who in one way or another showed and contributed their support to our fund-raising event. AlianabyDesign is eternally grateful to all of you. 

AlianabyDesign Charity project focuses on a food program for less fortunate families and children. We are not a Non-Profit organization and did not receive donations from private and government organizations however we welcome anyone who would like to help this project, our funding is private mainly from a percentage of our sales. Last June 2021 - 100% of our sales went to this program. We would like to thank our customers and friends who supported our cause. We also accept food donations - please contact if you have something to donate or asking for more info. We are located in Norfolk, Virginia.

We only accept Non-Perishable items with at least 1 year expiration date since we are sending these items overseas.

Our program is based in The Philippines.



Food Relief - Typhoon Dante July 02, 2021
Brgy. San Roque

We know how hard life right now specially to our less fortunate friends who were hardly hit by the recent calamities and the pandemic. We donated 100% of our June proceeds and we're able to buy 240 bags of food relief (12lbs of rice, noodles and canned goods) for 240 families that needed help. We would like to thank our customers and friends who supported our cause. We really thank you for your generosity!


Monthly Children's Feeding Program 
Location - anywhere in the remote part of The Philippines.

Eating Watermelon

We are still  on the planning stage - hopefully we can start as soon as possible.



We welcome any ideas benefitting the less fortunate and children.



We welcome any ideas benefitting the less fortunate families and children.

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