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My Educational Tour Fundraising

Hi, my name is Aliana, I am a 14 year old who is currently a freshman at Catholic High School. I was born in the Philippines and come from a first generation immigrant family. I have also resided in Japan and Guam when I was little due to my dad being military. Both of my parents worked incredibly hard for our family so I could be where I am right now. I am a consistent honor student and a member of the National Junior Honor Society. I am also a regular volunteer at the Ability Center and St. Mary’s Home to help care and entertain children with disability. I am currently applying to volunteer at Norfolk Public School library to help tutor children.

Currently, I am running a candle business with the help of my mom which is a project that I am very confident about. It began as a hobby to keep myself preoccupied during the pandemic and it has grown into a full pledged business after few years of dedication.

The reason why I am writing this letter is to ask for your support. In summer 2025, I will be joining our Educational Tour: Adriatic Odyssey from Italy to Greece to broaden my knowledge in World History.

To help my mom with the expensive cost of the tour, I am selling this Beautiful unscented Prayer candles for $35/set (3pcs in a set) Free Shipping and I can personalize it just like the pictures attached. This is made out of natural soy, my mom and I made the cotton wick from natural 100% cotton sliver farmed locally. I am proud to say that this is our Best Seller with over 500 plus 5-star reviews. 100% of your order will go towards the fund and I will be so grateful for your generosity.

This candle is a beautiful gift all year round to friends and families.

If you would like to order something else, please let my mom know at You can pay directly to the fundraising page that the educational tour created:


Aliana B.

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