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LOVE MONTH - It's here!

If all would eminently delve the decipherment of love beyond the depth of one of the major conventional divisions around, the breadth of the said context is obviously unfathomable. It requires logical prowess to appraise and discern its unimpeachable substance. Regardless of its intricacy, no one should turn her or his eyes blind towards real essence and purpose of love.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is the day when people show their feeling of love, affection and friendship for another person or people in different ways. We celebrate Valentine’s Day to show how much we love and value the people around us. People around the world celebrate the love month in different ways. Regardless of the differences, it is important to celebrate the love month without any detrimental accounts especially during this trying time.

With the current outbreak, the celebration is surely going to be twisted because of the lockdown in different places. But that does not mean that we cannot do something to express our love, appreciation and admiration to the people around us – even strangers. Simple act of kindness during the pandemic is what we all need right now because a simple genuine act releases positivity and more importantly it promotes empathy and compassion. Spread love! Give, help or share without expectation in return.

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Published 02/01/2021

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